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Report: NFL Players Cannot Be Cut Until July 28th

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From National Football Post's Andrew Brandt:

When can teams start releasing players? NFL waiver wire will begin 4pm et on July 28th...

We've long assumed Indianapolis Colts right tackle Ryan Diem and cornerback Kelvin Hayden will be cut. July 28th seems to be the date we will get confirmation on that. We're also reading reports that the Cincinnati Bengals will part ways with Chad Ochocinco.

Sources are confirming one of the first moves from the Bengals will be cutting ties with Ochocinco - Getting word this will happen before Saturday.. Add Ochocinco to the list of potential WR options for other teams looking for a 3rd WR (Dolphins / Raiders / Patriots) will all have possible interest.

It's going to get absolutely insane around here over the next few weeks, folks. NFL rosters will be turned upside down as the league crams 132 days of missed offseason into just one week.