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Report: Colts To Open 2011 Training Camp Friday, July 29th In Anderson, IN

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Retweeted by NFL Netowrk's Albert Breer, a man who has spent the last several weeks staked out on a hot sidewalk in either New York or DC covering the 2011 NFL lockout:

: RT : Teams Starting Camp Friday: Bears, Bills, Browns, Colts, Giants, Packers, Panthers, Rams, Titans, Vikings

The original tweet is from NFLN's Matt Pomeroy, Manager of NFL Network Research. Since the source is NFLN, this is pretty much official. Colts training camp in Anderson, IN will begin this Friday. All players currently under contract will be required to report that day.

We also have reports from Breer that the new CBA is locked in at 10 years with no opt-out by either side. This means ten years of labor peace, unless, for some unholy reason, Jerry Richardson is elected NFL Commissioner.

The NFLPA is currently engaged in a conference call with all 32 team representatives. After that call is completed, we're expecting some kind of press conference announcing the players approving the CBA.

The lockout is dead, folks. The lockout is dead. Long live football.