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NFLPA Unanimously Approves Collective Bargaining Agreement

From the NFLPA's George Atallah:

It's Unanimous.

From Adam Schefter:

NFLPA approves deal. Done.

From Albert Breer at NFL Network:

Unan vote goes as a recomend from the 32 player reps to the Brady plaintiffs, who have agreed to sign off on the settlement

From Mike Tanier at Football Outsiders:




From Colts receiver Taj Smith:

Be there this weekend RT : Just passed Tomo...made me think of &

The 2011 NFL lockout is dead and gone. NFL football has returned. The next steps involved are the owners lifting the lockout and players returning to team facilities. We have an outline of that timetable posted here.

We now have a ten year CBA with rules in place that reward veterans, provide care to retired players, and cap the ridiculous money spent on rookies. Pop the champagne. Dance the Irish jig. The NFL is officially back!

And with that, I give you what I've been wanting to write for the last 132 days.

From Brad Wells, Stampede Blue:

Go Colts!