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NFL Releases Official Free Agent List For 2011

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The NFL has released its official list of restricted and unrestricted free agents for 2011. Per the new CBA, clubs may begin contract negotiations with the players listed in the following categories at 10:00 a.m., New York time, Tuesday, July 26.

Beginning at 6:00 p.m., New York time, on Friday, July 29, clubs may extend Offer Sheets to, or sign, such players, pursuant to the procedures applicable to each category.

For the Colts, the following free agents are listed:

Restricted Free Agents

Eric Foster, DT

Unrestricted Free Agents with four or more accrued seasons

Joseph Addai, RB

Melvin Bullitt, SS

Keyunta Dawson, DE

Aaron Francisco, SS

Tyjuan Hagler, LB

Ken Hamlin, FS

Antonio Johnson, DT

Charlie Johnson, OT

Daniel Muir, DT

Dominic Rhodes, RB

Clint Session, LB

Adam Vinatieri, K

Players with fewer than four accrued seasons who received no Qualifying Offer or no minimum tender from their Old Club

Mike Hart, RB

Mike Richarson, DB

Gijon Robinson, TE

Tom Santi, TE

Jamie Silva, SS

This last category means the Colts do not hold any rights for key players like Hart and Silva. If you are keeping score, this means that most of the running back corps, two starting DTs, the place kicker, and two key safeties are free to sign with other teams.