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Report: Peyton Manning Has Made 'Significant Progress' Rehabbing Last Two Weeks

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Two weeks ago, ESPN's Chris Mortensen was one of the first to report that Peyton Manning was recovering slowly from neck surgery back in May and that his status for the start of training camp was in doubt. Today, after the NFL lockout was lifted and Peyton Manning issued a statement regarding the settlement of the Brady v. NFL lawsuit, which Peyton was a named plaintiff in, Mortensen went on SportsCenter and said Peyton had made 'significant progress' in rehabbing his neck in the last two weeks.

I contacted Mortensen via Twitter and asked for follow-up on this. He responded:

@StampedeBlue Yes, Peyton has made progress since 2 weeks ago, still doubt he rushes into camp practices, though it's light at the start

Despite this good news, at around 7:00 P.M. Eastern, Mort went back on SportsCenter and told Michael Smith that the Colts are actively looking to sign a veteran quarterback as 'insurance' in case Peyton is not healthy in time for camp.

So, between now and Sunday, I guess we can expect to see Chris Polian sign a veteran or two.