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2011 Colts Undrafted Free Agent Open Thread

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Instead of trying to cram all the updates into a FanShot, I'll try to keep this story updated with any player that signs with the Colts. Just add in the update in the comments.

Undrafted Free Agents signed with the Colts [11:31 am Tuesday]:

  • Rutgers S Joe Lefeged
  • TCU C Jake Kirkpatrick - Highlight Video via ColtsFan504
  • Nebraska TE/HB Mike McNeill
  • Penn State LB Chris Colasanti
  • Wisconsin QB Scott Tolzien (We think this is official now Signed with Chargers)
  • Maryland LB Adrian Moten
  • Virginia Tech RB Darren Evans (from Warren Central H.S. in Indy)
  • Wisconsin WR/KR David Gilreath
  • Northern Illinois RB/KR Chad Spann (from North Central H.S. in Indy)
  • Maryland P Travis Baltz

It's important to note that none of these movies become "official' until tomorrow, which is, of course, silly seeing as the players and their agents are already on Twitter congratulating each other on the signings.