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Report: Colts Re-Sign Adam Viniatieri To Three-Year Deal, Melvin Bullitt Also Re-Signed [UPDATE]

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My friend John Michael Vincent (JMV) at 1070 The Fan In Indianapolis is tweeting that the Colts have re-signed safety Melvin Bullitt. Terms of deal are not known, but JMV has Bullitt booked as a guest on his show in a few minutes.

[UPDATE] Bullitt told JMV that his deal is for three years. --bbs

We also have news from Colts punter Pat McAfee that Indy has re-signed kicker Adam Vinatieri to a three-year deal. From McAfee, via Twitter:

Vinatieri will be a Colt for at least 3 more years. He was #Hyped

Vinatieri and Bullitt were co-captains of the Colts special teams last season.

The re-signing of Bullitt became a major priority after the Colts seemingly lost out on the Eric Weddle sweepstakes. The concern with Bullitt is his health and durability. He missed much of last season with a shoulder injury which has lingered all throughout his career. In the off-season, he had a metal pin inserted into the shoulder. While Melvin seems like good guy and certainly deserves to be rewarded for his play the last four years, a strong safety with a metal pin in his shoulder should not make people comfortable.

With Vinatieri, he was always considered a top priority by management. He bounced back last year after three injury-riddled seasons, including one in 2009 when the Colts went to the Super Bowl without him. They used veteran kicker Matt Stover most of that year.

Still, even though Viniatieri is getting up there, he still has the power and the nerve to nail clutch kicks.