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Clint Session Likely To Sign With Jaguars, Rams Looking At Dan Muir

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As we said back in January, Clint Session is as good as gone from the Colts roster in 2011. While he was a solid contributor for the Colts as a back-up and, eventually, starting WILL backer, the reality is the Colts cycle through WILL backers the way Charlie Sheen cycles through hookers and mountains of cocaine.

The WILL backer spot is simply not valued by the Colts front office (see David Thornton, Cato June, Freddy Keiaho, etc.), and with the emergence of Kavell Conner last year, the writing was on the wall for Session.

However, it seems that, like Freddy Keiaho and David Thornton, Clint might find a happy home with a division rival. According to multiple sources, including SB Nation's own Big Cat Country, the Jacksonville Jaguars are close to signing the former-5th round pick out of Pitt. Jacksonville is also negotiating with CB Chris Carr, S Dawan Landry, and have already inked linebacker Justin Durant Paul Posluszny.

Add Session to that mix, and the Jags have a nice defense going. Meanwhile, we have Kelvin Hayden and his $9 million dollar cap hit. Yay.

Other news to pass along is the St. Louis Rams are sniffing around Daniel Muir. They are also looking into getting Brandon Mebane and Darren Sproles. I'll remind everyone that, like the Colts, the Rams are very tight against the cap due to significant money invested in Sam Bradford, Jason Smith, and Chris Long. Yet, they are still able to make deals for players like Quintin Mikell, who they signed yesterday to a four-year deal.

If the Rams manage to get Mebane and Sproles to go with Mikell, I might just punch a dolphin or a small baby panda at the zoo.