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Philip Wheeler Tweets His Body Fat

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Photo from @philgood50
Photo from @philgood50

Yesterday, I'm assuming upon his return to the Colts complex, linebacker Philip Wheeler tweeted his measured body weight and fat percentage from the machine at the facility which measures such things.

6% body fat? Damn.

At 6'2, and 229 pounds, Wheelers is pretty thin for a backer his size. Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is the same height, but weighs 249 pounds. This lack of weight might explain why Wheeler has struggled so much since he was drafted in 2008. Last year, he was benched (again) for Tyjuan Hagler at the SAM backer spot. Hagler is a free agent this year, and all signs point to the team not re-signing him. 2010 second round pick Pat Angerer also played SAM last year.

2011 is a big year for Wheeler. He's viewed as a disappointment do to his inconsistent play. He did lower his body fat and increase his lung capacity from last year. But, the issue with Wheeler is his tackling ability and his grasp of where he should be on the field. Far too often, Wheeler is not in position to make plays, and when he is in position, he gets run over. At 6'2, that should not happen. He was drafted for his size and speed. He needs to start maximizing these talents soon or this year could be his last in Indianapolis.