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2011 NFL Free Agency: Clint Session Staying in AFC South, Signing With Jaguars

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It took a couple days, but we got the first official news that a Colt player will no longer be with the team in 2011. LB Clint Session has been signed (well, officially will sign tomorrow) by division rival Jacksonville Thursday, and the contract is massive. From NFL Network's Jason Lacanfora:

Clint Session to the Jags. 5 years, $30 million with $11.5 million guaranteed. Linebackers doing well on this market

I was always under the assumption that Session would not be back with the Colts after his "season-ending" injury last season, and by seeing what the Jaguars are paying him, there was clearly no chance they would match that kind of money. Session is a good player, but that's a crapload of money for a guy who only played in 5 games last season. Good for Session.

The Jaguars have had success before scooping up a former Colts LB, as Mike Peterson played pretty well after signing with Jacksonville. Again, this is modus operandi for the Colts with respect to Linebackers. Gary Brackett is the only guy to sign a second contract over the past 10 years, and the Colts have let many other LBs go and get paid somewhere else (David Thornton, Cato June, Peterson).