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Titans Finally Cut Vince Young After Five Years Of Sucking The Suck Out Of Suck

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For a fun little tour of one of Stampede Blue's best features, go to the search window, located to the right on your browser, and type in the words 'Vince Young.'

What you will get is five years worth of Pulitzer-worthy material where yours truly wrote time and time again how a misinformed media and hordes of brain-dead fans were overhyping the man, the myth, the legend that was Vince Young, Titans QB.

It didn't matter that the Titans ran an offense a fifth-grader could pull off, or that Vince had quit on his team not once but twice, or that they won 13 games in 2008 without him. Vince always had his loyal cadre of mindless drones repeating, seemingly in unison, that Vince was 'a winner.' It's like the Indiana fans who still insist Damon Bailey could have been a great NBA player. No matter how many facts you place before them, their demented loyalty to a flawed player determines their reality rather than reality determining their loyalty.

Today, after using a first round pick on Jake Locker and signing Matt Hassleback to a three-year deal, the Titans faced up to that reality and released Vince Young.

Small note to Titans fans: Your team just got 1,000% better.

With this release, Colts fans lose a consistent and reliable source of humor during the NFL season. Vince was always good for a laugh or two, especially when he played the Colts.

For me, It always gave me a small measure of comfort to know that as long as Vince was under center in Nashville, the Colts were pretty much guaranteed to win the AFC South. Now, with Vince gone, and the Titans willing to put someone who can complete a pass under center, it just feels as if something is missing. The laughter is gone, and it's been replaced by a Titans team that might actually score some points on my favorite football team.

Oh well. At least we'll have the memories:

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