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Colts Officially Announce Signing Of Fifteen Undrafted Rookies For 2011

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I could have titled this piece 'Colts Officially Announce Sh*t You Already Knew Two Days Ago.' But, I guess it is in fact 'news' when the team officially announces the signing of fifteen undrafted free agent rookies for the 2011 season. The list includes:

DE David Bedford, South Florida
RB Darren Evans, Virginia Tech
RB Chad Spann, Northern Illinois
WR Joe Horn, Ashland
TE Mike McNeill, Nebraska
OL Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU
LB Adrian Moten, Maryland
LB Chris Colasanti, Penn State
DB Joe Lefeged, Rutgers
PK Travis Baltz, Maryland
WR David Gilreath, Wisconsin
QB Mike Hartline, Kentucky
DT Ollie Ogbu, Penn State
LB Kerry Neal, Notre Dame
WR Larrone Moore, Delaware St.

We also have twitter accounts for some of the new UDFAs (via @LovinBlue): @jlefeged26 @Mike_McNeill44 @Motenlive @DTTJEvans @cspann28 @K_Neal56 @PRINCE_cOOOLn @tbaltz5

The Colts also announced, via Phil Wilson of the Indy Star, that kicker Brett Swenson and defensive back Jordan Hemby have been released. The Colts gave no official update on contract status of Kelvin Hayden or Ryan Diem.