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Jim Caldwell: Peyton Manning Is 'Not Ready Right Now' For Training Camp

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Just like at the beginning of training camp in 2008, Peyton Manning (if he gets signed by Monday) will not open training camp on the practice field. Instead, he'll be on the sidelines recovering from off-season neck surgery for an injury the Colts never listed on the mandatory injury report last year.

At a press conference today, the first for the Colts since (I believe) the April draft, Colts head coach Jim Caldwell addressed the media and discussed the health of Peyton Manning. Quotes from Indy Star:

"Obviously he’s not ready right now,’’ coach Jim Caldwell said today. "But there’s nobody that works any harder, nobody more diligent, more dedicated. He certainly has great faith in our staff that works with him here.

"At some point in time, he’ll be ready to go and when that is we’ll turn him loose.’’

Caldwell also reported that tight end Dallas Clark wear a split on his right wrist during training camp practices. Clark had a rather freakish wrist injury end his 2010 season last year.

Colts also stated Austin Collie's concussion symptoms have cleared. Considering it's been eight months since his last concussion, I should hope they would have cleared by now.