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Report: Colts Sign Quarterback Dan Orlovsky, Formerly Of Texans, Lions

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Dan Orlovsky has the unfortunate honor of being the QB who led the '08 Detroit Lions to an 0-16 record. Truth is, it wasn't his fault. The Lions were so depleted in terms of talent in 2008 (Matt Millen, Super Genius) that Peyton Manning might not have been able to help that club win a game. Orlovsky started seven games for Detroit in '08, throwing for 1,616 yards, 8 TDs, 8 INTs, and completing 56% of his passes. His defense that year was ranked 32nd in the league, surrendering a skull-numbing 32.3 points per game.

I don't care if Jesus F. Christ is your quarterback. When your defense is giving up 32 points a game, you WILL go 0-16.

I've always had a soft spot for Orlovsky. He seemed like a good kid who handled a terrible situation as well as could be expected. After getting released from the Lions following the '08 season, he hooked up with the Texans as a back-up. Houston released him on Friday.

Today, news broke over Twitter via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle that Orlovsky had signed with the Colts. He joins former Ball State star Nate Davis, rookie Mike Hartline from Kentucky, and back-up wunderkid Curtis Painter on the QB depth chart.

I'd include some guy named Manning in that group, but he isn't signed yet.

I'm secretly hoping Orlovsky wins the job. We'll track how he does in camp, which begins tomorrow. Even if Peyton Manning signs his contract between now and then, he is not expected to practice on Monday. So, we may get an early dose of Orlovsky in Anderson.