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Melvin Bullitt Can Apparently Now See Himself Returning To Colts

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Three months ago, Colts safety Melvin Bullitt said this:

"I can't see myself coming back (to the Colts) other than with a long-term contract," said Bullitt. "Just to be quite honest, it's business."

It seems that, between then and now, Melvin has changed his mind, somewhat:

"I want to play in Indy again. That's what I'm planning on. But the reality is I'm not signed with anyone."

Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star recently caught up with Bullitt, along with fellow free agents Charlie Johnson and Tyjuan Hagler. Wilson asked them about their free agent status when the lockout ends, and whether or not they want to be with the Colts in 2011.

Other than Bullitt's seeming about-face, nothing in the article is earth-shattering. Charlie wants to play for Indy, and would switch to right tackle or guard. Hagler just seems to want to play again. 

Bullitt, meanwhile, said that he feels 'the strongest I've been in two years,' and that he's healed up from shoulder problems. In fact, he's recovered from surgery in which a screw was inserted in the shoulder. Bullitt's had shoulder issues his whole career, and it's those issues which have likely made Bullitt realize he is not going to get a long-term deal with the Colts or any other NFL team.

Safeties with screws in their shoulders typically don't command long-term deals.

Regardless of whether or not the Colts use free agency to sign someone like Quintin Mikell (please, please please!), bringing back Bullitt is key to Indy succeeding in 2011. Bullitt is an excellent player on special teams, and is a very capable safety when healthy.