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Funny Or Die's 'Field Of Dreams 2' Features Dwight Freeney & That Annoying Twilight Kid

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It seems that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney is trying to one-up Peyton Manning's 'Football Cops' by starring in his own comedy special. The always hilarious Funny or Die website has a new spoof up which focuses on the NFL Lockout. It's called 'Field of Dreams 2,' and it stars Taylor Lautner (that wolf boy character from those 'Twilight' movies).

Basic plot: Lautner is sad about the lockout. He hears weird voices in his head telling him to build something. He builds a football field in the middle of his Iowa cornfield. Magically, non-dead NFL players start showing up and playing football games, including Ray Lewis (who tackles Lautner every chance he gets), Antonio Cromartie (who tries to have child No. 10 with Lautner's girlfriend), and Dwight Freeney (whose only line in the short is 'Wait, I thought we were going to a Waffle House?').

Probably the best bit of casting is Ray Liotta as the somewhat sleazy businessman who shows up and tells Lautner that his new football field isn't generating enough revenue and the players must be locked out. At the end of the short, we see Liotta's character name.


That's some genius right there. The short also has a cameo from Kevin Costner.

The 'Behind the Scenes' video is after the jump, and it's as funny as the video itself. I especially laughed at Funny or Die's pretty obvious mocking of Antonio Cromartie.