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From Cincy Jungle: Review of Colts 2010 Win Over Bengals

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Josh Kirkendall of Cincy Jungle is doing a review of all the Cincinnati Bengals games from last season. Recently, he did the November 14, 2010 match-up between the Bengals and Colts. Here's a piece of the story:

Peyton Manning's domination of the Cincinnati Bengals is traumatic and expansive. During his first six games against Cincinnati, Manning has thrown 17 touchdowns and only three interceptions; the last coming in 2005 by Keiwan Ratliff. With a career 113.7 quarterback rating against the Bengals, it's not surprising that Manning was a perfect 6-0 from 1998 through 2008, averaging 35.3 points/game. And during his previous three meetings against Cincinnati, Manning's passer rating improves to 125.7 with a 10-1 touchdown to interception ratio.


I encourage you to read the rest of the story. It gives a Colts fan a clear understanding of how other teams, and fans, view Peyton and the Colts.