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2011 Colts Preseason: Colts V. Rams, For What Will You Watch?

My wife laughed at me last night when I said I was DVR-ing the first pre-season game for the Colts. Her direct quote "Why would you ever care enough to watch pre-season?" I like to point to this blog as defense for my insanity as I know you all will be watching right along with me.

My question for you is; What will you be most interested to see in the first pre-season game?

My Top 3 after the jump. Leave your focuses in the comments.

Here are the Top 3 things I want to see. Of course there are about 85 things on the list, but there must be priorities.

1) New Offensive Linemen

We all know that the Colts went away from their norm and drafted O-Linemen in the early rounds. How quickly will these guys be ready to play? Anthony Costanzo and Ben Ijalana both have the talent to start on our line this year. Will they know the system well enough to do it? Granted they don't have Peyton in there changing the plays for them at the line, but I hope they have created some kind of drill to help with that. Hopefully line stalwart Jeff Saturday is putting them through their paces and getting them up to speed. I want to see these guys on the field and ready to play.

2) Interior D-Linemen

Much has been made recently about the 4-3 NT position. Yes it is something with which the Colts have struggled. Can the youngster Drake Nevis hold his own in there? How is Fili Moala developing? Can Tommie Harris show flashes of the Pro Bowler from the past? More than 'The Bookends" as I like to call them (Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis), these interior linemen hold the key to our pass rushing success. If they can eat up the inside, the outside guys will get free. Bad News for opposing QBs.

3) Defensive Backfield

I don't know how much Jacob Lacey will play with his recent injury, but I would love to get a good baseline between he and Justin Tryon. What can Kevin Thomas bring to the table? I also want to see the UDFA Joe Lefeged. I like his collegate background and think he could be one of the UDFAs upon which the Colts always build their depth. How quickly can he be a viable option?

As I said there are myriad options of things to watch. I will keep my eye on David Gilreath, Dan Orlovsky, Nate Davis (I'm a Ball State Alum) and Delone Carter on offense. Jamaal Anderson, Ricardo Matthews, Phillip Wheeler and Chip Vaughn will draw my attention on the defensive side. It will be great to see the Blue and White on the field playing the game we all love.