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2011 NFL Preseason: Colts At Rams, Players Worth Watching

Last night I watched all four preseason games at once because, you know, I have no life and football is my New Jack crack rock. Tonight, the Colts play the Rams, and I plan to focus my obsessive-compulsive little eyes on Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky, Drake Nevis, and Kevin Thomas.

With Painter, I look to see the same things I always look for: Does he still crumble under pressure? Has he gained any pocket presence?

For Orlovsky: Can he make the throws? If he confident in the pocket?

For Nevis: Is he playing NT. How well is he playing? If the Colts get run over by the Rams, that is a story line we will focus on.

For Thomas: Will he get hurt? What are his skills? Can he cover a team's third and fourth guy, or will he struggle?

If you plan to focus on a player or players, let us know in the comments and we will include your observations in our post-game write-ups.

Also, after the game, look for a new podcast with Matt Grecco and myself.