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The Stage Collapse At The 2011 Indiana State Fair

Don't watch this if you are squeamish.

Five reported dead. Over 40 injured. Thoughts go out to the victims and their friends and family.

The stage was there for a performance of the country band Sugarland. Winds were very high last night at the fairgrounds. The fair is closed today and will re-open tomorrow with a service for the victims.

Obviously, this is not a sports story. One person told me this is similar to the negligence at Notre Dame that got Declan Sullivan killed last year. Maybe. I don't know. What I do know is that the last time I saw something somewhat similar to this, planes were crashing into towers and all of downtown Manhattan was on fire. Not the same scale, but the feeling is similar.

Just like then, the 'human element' in this story is ordinary people rushed to the area immediately and worked to pull those who were trapped out. You can actually see them doing this in the video.

That's all I got.

We'll toss up a podcast later today and do our best to talk football.