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2011 Colts Training Camp: Who Impressed and Who Didn't After First Preseason Game

As announced previously in this space, XFINITY from Comcast has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around -- us!  As part of that effort, XFINITY will be sponsoring our Stampede Blue's training camp coverage as well as a variety of special editorial and interactive features on our site between now and the end of the 2011 NFL season.

Colts Training Camp Schedule

Monday, August 15th

3:30 p.m.

According to Tom James, today's practice is an hour long workout.

After the jump, we rate which players are 'on the rise' and 'falling' after the first preseason game of 2011.

Stock Up

Philip Wheeler

The Colts signed free agent linebacker Ernie Sims this off-season. Sims, a former Top 10 pick from 2006, can play both SAM and WILL backer positions. Wheeler, who has been benched twice in his career, apparently got the message that he better start producing, or he would be toast in Indianapolis. The former George tech product was all over the field Saturday night, leading the team with 6 tackles. Wheeler is unlikely to regain his starting job, but if he wants to stay on this roster, games like the first preseason game will help.

Donald Brown

The reason the Colts made the uncharacteristic move in re-signing the 28-year-old Joesph Addai is because they have little or no faith in Donald Brown. Last week, Brown restored a little faith by running well with the second unit (four carries, 21 yards).

Drake Nevis

He was advertised as a beast in camp, and he lived up to the billing playing 'under the lights.' Nevis gave the Rams interior linemen fits all night. they doubled him, and he still managed to get near Sam Bradford. Nevis was so impressive that I think he should start over Fili Moala. Speaking of Fili, remember when the Colts brass chirped on and on about how it takes DTs three years to develop? Well, right now, Nevis is better than Moala. Nevis is a rookie. Moala is a third year player.


Stock Down

Jerry Hughes

We wrote a lot about Hughes' awful performance this weekend. So, no reason to rehash it. He needs to prove he is worth a damn. Right now, he has the 'bust' label slapped clearly on his forehead.

Jeff Linkenbach

He started at left tackle against the Rams. If the Colts think this guy is better than Anthony Castonzo, Peyton Manning should start to sweet. I saw Linkenbacj get dominated by Rams rookie Robert Quinn. Quinn isn't nearly the player Mario Williams is, and the Colts will face Williams Week One in Houston. Linkenbach is a decent back-up who is better suited playing RT.

Jacques McClendon

Just like with Linkenbach, I was not impressed with McClendon Saturday. I don't even know why he started. Did he really 'earn' that spot over Kyle DeVan? No, he didn't. Saturday night proved it as DeVan showed he is still the better guard. also, like McClendon, DeVan plays center and plays it quite well. It didn't see much push from McClendon, and on passing downs he didn't hold his own. How a guy weighing 325 pounds doesn't get push? Beats me. McClendon needs to prove he's a starter. Right now, I'm not seeing it.


You'll note that I did not place Curtis Painter or Mike Pollak in the 'stock down' category even though both had wretched games Saturday. This is because Painter and Pollak are as low as one get get. There really is no logical reason to have them on the team. Nothing they've done on the field justifies it. Unless they go out there and start turning heads, I consider these two 'wasted roster spots.' Their presence on the roster actually hurts the team, in my opinion.