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Report: Colts Are $7.1 Million Under Salary Cap For 2011

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Two weeks ago, we received a report from Pro Football Talk updating the Colts salary cap situation. At that time, the Colts were $15.7 million under, news that prompted armchair GMs like me to scream 'SIGN SOME MORE FREE AGENTS, CHRIS POLIAN!!!'

Now, this $15.7 mill figure was submitted after the Colts had signed free agents like Tommie Harris, Ernie Sims, and Jamaal Anderson. It was also after the Colts inked Anthony Castonzo, Ben Ijalana, and several other rookies. Well, today, Pro Football Talk updated their salary cap information, and for one team (the Patriots) the info has been confirmed by credible sources.

Today, PFT has the Colts at $7.1 mill under. This puts them roughly in the middle of the pack. They aren't $33 mill under like Chiefs, and the aren't $260,000 under like the Vikings.

It kind of makes me wonder how that $15.7 mill number could, essentially, get cut in half with virtually no activity happening on this roster from August 4th to today. My instincts tell me the original number ($15.7 mill) didn't account for players like Harris and Sims. Still, $7.1 mill gives Indy room to sign additional free agents after the first and second round of cuts later this month.

Speaking of cuts, DT DeMario Pressley was let go today.