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2011 Colts Training Camp: A New Offensive Line

As announced previously in this space, XFINITY from Comcast has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around -- us!  As part of that effort, XFINITY will be sponsoring our Stampede Blue's training camp coverage as well as a variety of special editorial and interactive features on our site between now and the end of the 2011 NFL season.

Colts Training Camp Schedule

Wednesday, August 17th

2:00 p.m.

Matt Grecco is doing a detailed write-up of yesterday's practice. One item from the write-up I'd like to focus on with this training camp update is the new offensive line.

Yesterday, at both the morning and evening practices, the Colts starting and second string o-line was:

LT- Anthony Castonzo, Michael Toudouze

LG- Joe Reitz, Jacques McClendon

OC- Jeff Saturday, Mike Pollak

RG- Ryan Diem, Kyle DeVan

RT- Jeff Linkenbach, Ben Ijalana

Baring injuries and other unforeseeable things, this group is likely the core o-line for the 2011 Indianapolis Colts. This new starting line includes three new starters and a regular starter (Diem) playing a new position (guard).

In case you care, I personally like this new line, and I'm very excited to see how it looks against the Redskins. Changing the line does not guarantee success, but the changes, at the very least, acknowledge the obvious: The old line simply wasn't very good.

Also, anything that gets Mike Pollak on the bench is something I endorse 100%.