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Hey Look! Another Update On T.J. Houshmandzadeh Signing With Colts

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It's been a few day, and I know you all just going through T.J. Houshmandzadeh withdrawal. Have no fear. Your friendly 'Housh' dealer is here to give you your fix.

Before we do, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge some work being done at a site called Coltsider. They're new, founded by a few guys who used to work at Bleacher Report. They seem to update their content regularly, and their writing is good. They recently did an update on Housh-to-Colts, and I'm here to provide additional information.

When last we left this, Housh was reportedly given one-year offers from the Colts and Vikings. He then was scheduled for a workout with the Patriots, but recent updates have told us Housh never showed up. In fact, not only didn't he show up, but the whole story of him potentially going to the Patriots was 'blown out of proportion.'

We also have reports that the Vikings have apparently moved on from Housh. This leaves the Colts and a as-yet-unnamed team that are interested in his services. Apparently, Housh wants to be a Colt, but is looking for an expanded role (one he's unlikely to get in Indy).

I guess the big question right now is, If he wants to be a Colt, and the Colts have not rescinded their offer, why hasn't he signed?

The answer: He's doing what Randy Moss is doing. Both are waiting for a team to sustain an injury at the wide receiver position.

For Housh, and possibly for Moss, a team like the Colts becomes very attractive if, say, Austin Collie gets his bell rung again. Or, if Anthony Gonzalez trips over his own feet and pulls his groin. If these things happen, a player like Houshmanzadeh starts to become important.

Also, Houshmandzadeh is 33-years-old. I doubt he wants to be out there at a training camp, sweating through drills he's done for over a decade in the pros.