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SB Nation Indiana: Colts Look Improved

I published an article on the Colts at SB Nation Indiana summing up the team and how it looks as they break camp for 2011. For those of you looking for a rosier, 'Sally Sunshine' version of me, the article is worth a read. In general, I'm pretty happy at how this team is shaping up. I'm not grinning ear-to-ear, but I have renewed optimism.

From the article:

Training camp for the 2011 Indianapolis Colts seemed to fly by quicker this year than in year's past. As the team breaks camp today in Anderson, IN, it really does seem as if it were yesterday they were all reporting to their dorm rooms in a chariot line of golf carts. Perhaps the lockout, the excitement over the return of football, and the dazzle of the recent free agency period made the time zip by for many of us. Who knows.

What we do know is, after roughly 2.5 weeks of camp, the Colts look like an improved football team from 2010. That doesn't necessarily mean they are still championship caliber, but it does put the Colts on the right track.

Check out the article. If you so desire, offer thoughts, ideas, suggestions as well in the comments below.