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Report: Colts Might Draft Terrelle Pryor In 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft

Don't hate me. I'm just the messenger.

According to Todd McShay of ESPN, the Colts are one of seven team that have 'some sort of interest' in Terrelle Pryor, the disgraced former Ohio State quarterback who was at the center of a scandal involving improper benefits that ultimately resulted in the firing 'resignation' of head coach Jim Tressel.

Now, McShay was sneaky in covering his butt while reporting on this, saying, 'I've narrowed it down to a few teams, of course, it probably won't be one of these, but these are the teams I've heard have some sort of interest in Terrelle Pryor.'

Now, all due respect to Todd McShay, but that type of language does not give me confidence in the information he is reporting. In fact, the Colts being one of the teams mentioned seemed to catch the attention of the ESPN studio host who was interviewing McShay on the phone this afternoon on SportsCenter. The host asked, 'Why the Colts?' McShay responded, 'Lack of depth at quarterback, and having time to develop someone.'

You hear that, Curtis Painter? The Colts would rather have Terrelle Pryor and his discounted Porsche as their backup QB than you. Funny thing is, as completely unqualified for the back-up role as Pryor is, I actually think he offers more at the back-up spot than Painter.

Personally, I don't think McShay's report is credible. But, who knows? If the Colts take him next week in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft, McShay will look like a genius.