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More Free Agency For The Colts, Sign DT Tommie Harris To One-Year Deal

About one hour after I published an article listing Tommie Harris as a player the Colts could-should sign, the Colts went and did just that.

Adam Caplan retweeted a posting from Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times that the Colts signed veteran defensive tackle Tommie Harris to a one-year deal.

Harris was drafted with the 14th overall pick by the Chicago Bears back in 2004. From 2005-2008, he was arguably the most dominant DT in all of football. Had he not gotten hurt mid-season in 2006, it is very possible the Bears would have defeated the Colts in Super Bowl XLI.

However, since 2008, Harris has been on a steady decline. Bad knees have limited his speed and diminished his burst. Still, despite declining skills, his stats the last two years are better than any other DT currently on the Colts roster.

It's worth noting that, way back in April, Vaughn McClure at the Chicago Tribune wrote:

Don't be surprised if Tommie Harris signs with the Colts once the lockout ends.

The Bears play a similar defensive system to the Colts, and Harris (when healthy) excelled in that system. He is 6'2, 295 pounds. The question now is how will Harris fit into the current rotation? He was known as a penetrating DT, not a run-stuffer. A 'nose tackle'-like tackle is what the Colts desperately need in terms of depth. Currently, only Antonio Johnson fills that role. Can Harris also help out in that area? We shall see. He does have the body frame, and with less speed, maybe he can work in that role.

Again, just like with the Jamaal Anderson and Ernie Sims signings, this is low risk, high reward. Harris shores up an area of EXTREME need, and provides depth and veteran leadership.

I'm feeling much better about the Colts prospects. I assume you are too.

This has been a nice 48 hours for Chris Polian and the Colts front office. Nice work. Hopefully, Harris and the others work out.