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Anthony Gonzalez Is Still Hurt, Hasn't Practiced All Week

For those of you out there who were mad at me for daring to report that Anthony Gonzalez was hurt last week, I present to you another report that, yes indeed, Gonzo is still hurt. He hasn't practiced all week, and since today is Tuesday and he still hasn't practiced, it's likely he will sit out the third preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

Yesterday, Gonzo's former coach at Ohio State University, the recently disgraced and currently unemployed Jim Tressel, was at Colts practice. The Indianapolis Star's Phil Wilson speculated:

Afterthought from Mon ... maybe ex-OSU coach Jim Tressel visited to give #Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez pep talk. Oft-injured WR needs good one.

If Gonzo is not healthy to start the season, there is the very real possibility that he will be one of the players cut to get the team under 53 players. Placing him on IR is just wasting money because Gonzo's contract is up at the end of the year. If he lands on IR for the third season in a row, his NFL career is over. No one will waste a roster spot on him.

As I have often said, I have tons of respect for Gonzalez. But, the man simply cannot hold up to the physical nature of this game. He cannot stay healthy, and for a team trying to win a championship, such players do not help the cause.