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Bill Polian States Kerry Collins Will Start Week One If Peyton Manning Cannot Play

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Yesterday, Reggie Wayne asked:

"Who says Kerry’s going to be the starter?

Today, we got the answer: Bill Polian says Kerry Collins is the starter if Peyton cannot go Week One against the Houston Texans. From Mike Chappell:

Vice chairman Bill Polian said Collins, not incumbent backup Curtis Painter, will start against the Texans if Manning's ongoing rehabilitation from May 23 neck surgery spills into the regular season.

"All he has to do is get physically ready," Polian said. "There's no offense he can't master in 48 hours from a conceptual standpoint."

I find it interesting that this statement is coming from Bill Polian, the semi-retired vice chairman of the team, not not the team's head coach, Jim Caldwell. I mean, ultimately, isn't Caldwell the guy who makes the decisions on who will or won't start? Shouldn't he be the person stating to the media who that person is?

I ask these questions rhetorically because I already know the answer. I think Bill Polian tells Jim Caldwell who to play. He either does this literally or with not-so-subtle suggestions. Collins is being paid $4 million dollars this year, and despite whatever B.S. the Colts and Bill Polian love to toss out there about people 'earning' the right to play, money always justifies playing time over another guy 'earning' it.

Coaches like Caldwell do not sit $4 million dollar QBs on a bench behind scrubs like Painter. If they do, they won't be the coach for very long.

In any case, this latest news, coupled with the unprofessional antics of the team yesterday in regards to the Collins signing during Caldwell's morning press conference, continue to reinforce the growing narrative that Caldwell is nothing more than a stooge who does what he's told by management.

BTW, in case you care, I'm not the only colts fan who thought yesterday's press conference was 'unprofessional.' Nate Dunlevy actually agrees with me on this.

Irsay's tweet came out during a Caldwell presser. I get this is how the Colts work, but it's unprofessional and stupid.

Anyway, it's obvious to anyone with even half a brain that Collins is the back-up. If Reggie Wayne doesn't like it, he can take it up with the guy who decides who plays and who doesn't: Jim Caldwell Bill Polian.