Painter vs. Collins

Yesterday I had a lot of travel to do for work and I was listening to Sports Radio pretty much all day. Before the game even started a question popped into my head, "Do Colts fans really want Kerry Collins or is it that we're so afraid of Curtis Painter as the starter just about anyone would do?"

Here are the types of things I was hearing that worry me about Collins:

206 TD vs 197 INTs: That's not far from a 1 to 1 ratio and we all saw what happened last years when the Colts had any more than 1 in any given game.

6.6 Yards per attempt: That's a full yard less than Peyton's career average which may not seem like a lot, but it is. Last year Peyton had a 6.9 average and that was because he was throwing 50 balls a game. I don't think KC's arm can take much more than 20 attempts in a game. It will be hard for him to move the ball.

KC has greatly struggled when he hasn't had an effective ground attack: The Colts are 'set up the run with the pass'. If KC throws short routes all day, there isn't going to be much respect for the pass and teams can focus on the run. This was evident last year when Peyton's yards per attempt was so low.

KC has been benched for VY. Which Collins are the Colts going to get?

Here are the things I heard noted about Painter:

He has been without the top receiving corps for much of preseason due to injuries and personal issues.

During the Redskins game specifically he was without Reggie Wayne and he played much better than Orlavsky.

He has only played in 2 regular season games and has started 0. Does anyone remember Peyton's first year under center? I think last night proves Painter is still growing. He won't be Peyton Manning, but playing with the first team O and against quality defenses seems to be paying off. I think he can be Jim Sorgi like, but it will take a little more time.

The Colts have never trully given Painter a game plan to work with. Sure there were game plans in the 2 regular season games he played in, but until last night there wasn't one that revolved around Curtis playing QB.

All I want to say is that Curtis managed the game very well last night. There were 2 drive killing drops early on and he rebounded, found his receivers and made big plays against one of the best defenses in the NFL. Don't forget that the Packers left Mike Vick in the fetal position in last year's playoff game. Curtis held his own (111.4 QB rating)  even though he was being blitzed on every play. I'm excited for him as a backup and think he will start if week 1 comes and Peyton isn't ready. I also think the Colts can win behind Curtis against the Texans while they're still getting the hang of their new defense. Prove the doubters wrong Curtis Painter.

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