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Colts Make First Cuts, Including Indy Native Devin Moore

The Colts had until Tuesday afternoon to cut their roster down to 80 players, but they decided to go ahead and make those necessary cuts on Sunday. We get the news from Indianapolis Star's Phil B. Wilson:

roster cuts today: J. Beekman, C. Bender, J. Horn, D. Moore, C. Vaughn, M. Hartline. Also waive/injured LB Cody Glenn, S Mike Newton.

Several of these guys aren't very surprising, including Beekman, Bender, Horn, Hartline (thanks to adding Collins), and Chip Vaughn, who committed two completely dumb penalties on back-to-back plays, helping the Packers get down the field and score the game-tying touchdown.

Devin Moore was a guy I had high hopes for, especially as a return guy, but something must have happened between the end of training camp and last Friday's game, as he didn't get on the field at all. During Camp, he seemed to be the first guy out there each time. I'm guessing that means they feel David Gilreath will be the returner. Moore is an Indianapolis native, so it's a little disappointing that he was cut, from a local-guy standpoint.

The waived/injured guys will most likely not get picked up by another team, as I think both of them, at some point in the future, could be ok backups. Glenn hasn't been healthy since camp started, and I'm sure the Colts just got tired of waiting for him to heal. Newton must have suffered an injury late in the game Friday night against the Packers, potentially on his interception return late in the 4th quarter. I don't remember if he came back out on that final series, but that could be why Chip Vaughn was on the field. Stinks for Newton, as I think he could have made the team as the 4th safety, and on Special Teams.

The Colts will have to reduce their roster from 80 players down to 53 next Saturday, September 3rd. I expect we'll hear most of those cuts Friday after the Colts take on the Bengals Thursday in Cincinnati.