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Stampede Blue Fantasy League Update, Picks Contest Links

The community here sure loves Fantasy Football. We had 144 different people sign up to play this season, which means I am in 13 different leagues with all of you. Yes, I had to create a new user name to create them all, since Yahoo! caps you at 8 for a user name.

We've had 5 drafts so far, and had pretty good attendance so far, usually only missing one or two drafters in each one. I've also started in the last 3 picks in three of the drafts, but did get the second pick once. The final eight drafts will all be complete by Thursday night, as we have two scheduled each day. Because we had so many drafts, and in order to try and have a prize across all leagues, I set each league up exactly the same, so we can have an overall champion.

The other thing I did with each of the leagues was give them a unique URL, so that everyone here can spy on the leagues and see how everyone is doing. All you'll have to do is go to "", where "X" is any number between 1 and 13. Anyone that visits a couple of sites should be able to figure out who I am pretty quick.

Jump with me to get info on the Picks Contest...

We're also going to be doing the Picks Contests once again this year, but this year, to save ourselves time and effort, we're going to use Yahoo! for these as well. Like last year, we'll have both a Straight-Up picks contest, where all you have to do is pick the winner, and an Against the Spread Contest, where you have to pick against the Vegas spread, therefore a little more difficult to do. To make the Straight Up contest a little more difficult, I thought about setting it up with confidence ranks, where you give your most confident pick the highest weight, and get more points for getting that one right. Vote in the poll, and I'll go with the majority.

Here's how you get signed up:

  • Straight Up Contest: Group ID#: 37098, Password: SBStraightUp
  • Against the Spread Contest: Group ID#: 37104, Password: SBSpread

Any questions let me know. I'll post several reminders as we get closer.