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Don't Rule Out Randy Moss To The Colts

Yes, Randy Moss has retired. Sort of. But, just because 'Straight cash, homie' says he's done doesn't mean he is. When the news broke of his retirement, one of the reasons he said he was hanging them up was because he wasn't getting enough interests from certain teams. One of the teams he mentioned was the Colts.

Now, there's lots of different ways people can interpret 'interest.' For many, Moss's use of 'interest' suggested that the Colts had a desire to sign Moss, but that they didn't want to pay him the $3 million per year he likely wanted.

But, as Mike Florio of PFT wrote last night, don't discount Moss-to-Colts just yet:

Sure, he may be adamant about his decision for now, given that he’s miffed that he didn’t get the kind of offer he thought he’d receive.  And he probably genuinely believes he won’t come back.  But what happens if a contending team with a high-end quarterback loses a No. 1 wideout?

Whether it’s the Patriots, Colts, Saints, or Eagles, we think an in-season phone call and a fair (in Randy’s view) offer would bring him to town.

Think for a second. Remember last year when the Colts lost their only consistent deep threat, Dallas Clark, to injury mid-season? The offense struggled the rest of the year. Should a similar injury occur, or if, say, Pierre Garcon starts to look awful in preseason, it's not ridiculous for the Colts to make Moss and offer.

Offenses do not thrive without deep threats, and Moss can certainly 'take the top off the defense.'

And for those that think that certain Colts players simply would not like Moss, remember that Moss is very well-liked and respected around the league. Tom Brady loved playing with Moss, and if Indy signs him, Peyton will certainly send Tommy a text asking him questions about ole Randy. And, if signed, Colts veterans like Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney would embrace him.

Bottom line is if Moss is still available, and the Colts need a deep threat, they would be stupid not to try and get him. Remember, the Colts were interested in acquiring Moss last year after the Vikings waived him.