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Should Donald Brown And Jerry Hughes Be Cut?

I'm tossing this out there because people seem to have this rather misinformed notion that I want the Colts to cut Donald Brown and Jerry Hughes. This is completely untrue. What I want is for Brown and Hughes to play well. What I want is for Brown and Hughes to develop into starting caliber players. What I want is for Brown and Hughes to provide something, ANYTHING positive for this football team.

Unfortunately, right now, both provide Jack Bupkis.

With the 53-man roster limit looming on the horizon, the reality is that very soon the Colts will have to make some big decisions. Players like Tyler Brayton, Jamaal Anderson, John Chick, Javarris James, and Chad Spann have all performed better in preseason than Brown and Hughes. I know some people out there might disagree with that. No offense to those people, but I don't think they are watching the same games everyone else is.

So, my question is (somewhat) simple: Should Hughes and Brown stay at the expense of a Brayton, an Anderson, or a James? Or, should the Colts cut them loose and go with players who are currently playing better?

Keep this in mind, please: 'Developing' players for the future really means nothing at this point in time for the Colts. Peyton Manning is 35. Reggie Wayne is 32. Dwight Freeney is 31. Robert Mathis is 30. It's very possible that Mathis, Wayne, and even Gary Brackett will all not be on the Colts next year. Regardless of whether or not he stays healthy in 2011, Anthony Gonzalez is also a goner after this season. With every judgment that I make regarding the 'value' of a player, I make it with the thought of, 'How can they help the Colts THIS YEAR?'

The core of this football team is old, and the window is fast closing. Please factor that into your selection.

Also, please view this as a poll to express what you personally think the Colts should do, not what you think they will do. If you think, 'The Colts will keep both, and you should just shut up and like it,' then just don't vote.