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Falcons Sign Former Colts Corner Kelvin Hayden

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NFL Network's Jason LaConfora is reporting that former Colts corner Kelvin Hayden has signed with the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta seems to be making a habit of signing DBs jettisoned by other teams. Yesterday, they agreed to terms with James Sanders, who was the New England Patriots starting safety last year.

The Colts cut Kelvin Hayden several weeks ago because his cap hit and his yearly salary did not match his production. For the last two years, he never played more than ten games a season. Durability has been the big concern for Hayden, and (to be honest) for any defensive back drafted by Bill Polian. Hayden was signed to a rather ridiculous five-year, $43 million dollar deal back in 2009, with $22.9 mill guaranteed. In 2011, he was scheduled to make $8.6 mill from the Colts.

No details yet on his Atlanta deal, but I'll go out on a limb and say it's not for $22.9 mill guaranteed.

Like some of you, I thought that the Colts would possibly re-sign Hayden. But, honestly, why would Kelvin do that? From his P.O.V., it was probably insulting for them to cut him, and then for him to come back for a veteran minimum. Like it or not, money and contracts represent status in the NFL. It's best for him to just go to another team and try to contribute, and the Falcons are a good fit. They are a contender. They run Cover-2, and they need help in their secondary.

Best of luck, Kelvin.

For us Colts fans, Kelvin will always be remembered as the player who sealed the Colts victory in Super Bowl XLI against the Bears. He also intercepted March Sanchez to insure the Colts victory in the 2010 AFC Championship Game over the Jets.