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Jim Irsay Feeds The 'Randy Moss To Colts' Rumor Monster On Twitter

Apparently, according to several anonymous message board readers and followers on Twitter, Randy Moss has been spotted somewhere in Indiana the last two days.

Some saw him in Anderson, IN not far from Colts training camp.

Some saw him in downtown Indianapolis.

Some saw him doing shots at the Slippery Noodle Inn near Lucas Oil Stadium with Elvis, D.B. Cooper, and the infamous 32nd Basin Robbins flavor.

Normally, until silly rumors like this are confirmed by credible sources, they just die off as people turn their attention to more interesting football-related topics. That is, until the owner of the Colts takes to Twitter and feeds the Rumor Monster a fresh batch of sacrificial virgins:

Is Randy Moss really at St. Elmos 2nite? I know nothing of this,but Indy IS quite nice in August

Just when I thought it was dead, Jim Irsay electrocutes the 'Moss to Colts' corpse and rises it from the grave.

As I wrote about earlier this week, the Moss to Colts stuff does indeed have legs, but I do not believe for a minute he was in Indiana this week. Moss is waiting for a team to have an injury. When one occurs to a specific team, he will get the deal he wants from that team. I'd be absolutely shocked if Moss signs a deal and reports to any training camp, let alone the one in Anderson, IN. But, I would not be shocked if Moss is wearing a Colts uniform this year.

Tip to icedude and Vernon Howell