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Jim Irsay Kills Stupid Terrell Owens Rumor, But Not Randy Moss Rumor

Jim Irsay seemed mildly insulted this weekend that someone would suggest that the Colts were rumored to have signed wide receiver Terrell Owens:

We didn't sign T O,there's got2b more viable rumors than that,like"Farve 2back up Manning if healing is slow"That's a hot one(butNot true)

Well Jim, the other 'viable rumor' hovering out there is that the Colts will sign another loud-mouthed wideout who, like Owens, is known more for his penchant for creating unnecessary distractions than his tremendous talent.

And unlike the T.O. rumor, you haven't squashed this one, Jim.

Again, as I wrote this morning, the Colts are likely keeping options open with Moss in case Anthony Gonzalez or Austin Collie get knocked out in preseason. Both are slot receivers, and if one of both get taken out early, the Colts could turn to Moss as a viable slot option, or as an outside option while Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon work the slot.

The dynamic of the NFL has changed due to this rare period of free agency, and if the Colts are to win, they need to keep as many talent options open as they can. Thus, it makes sense for them to be interested in Moss.