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Report: Jacob Lacey Injured, Colts Sign Former Bears Guard Josh Beekman [UPDATE] Beekman Signing Confirmed

We have a little breaking news here courtesy of one of our readers, bigpony:

Colts are signing former Bears G Josh Beekman. I know his agent, he just got off the phone with Bill Polian.

Josh played in the UFL last year but had some good years with the Bears. Hes a big kid too…I remember playing against him in high school! Glad hes gettin a shot in Indy

Maybe this is the end for Pollak or Devan??

Why do we believe bigpony? Well, for starters, he's been loyal reader of the blog since, at least, November of last year. And second, why the hell would he lie about the Colts signing a guard named Beekman who once played in the UFL?

Beekman was drafted in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Bears. He's 6'2, 310.

Other news from Colts training camp is that Jacob Lacey left the field this afternoon with an undetermined injury. No word yet on what the injury is.

[UPDATE] Beekman signing confirmed.