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Kerry Collins, Stand-Up Guy

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I don't fault Collins solely for the Colts 34-7 loss to the Texans. But, like all good leaders, Collins took it upon himself to shoulder the blame for the team today. From Phil Wilson:

Colts quarterback Kerry Collins was a stand-up guy today. He met with the media one day after the Colts’ rather humbling 34-7 loss at Houston to open the season.

When the other guy, the one named Peyton, was doing his thing, we talked to the quarterback on Wednesdays and after games. But I got the sense Collins wanted to answer the questions and let people know he’s eager to continue the fight. I saw him as a 17th-year pro trying to set the example for being a pro, which among other things means accepting accountability.

And he did that. Not that much of it was his fault — it wasn’t — but stand-up guys are appreciated by us reporters, even those of us who form the "soft" local media.

Tough to hate on Collins. Just seems to approach things like a pro. My worry isn't No. 5. It's the line in front of him, and the overpaid players on defense who couldn't stop my 60-year-old father-in-law and his new, plastic knee from gaining four yards if he took a pitch off-tackle.