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Recap Of The Bill Polian Show: Week 1 2011

After Bill Polian's meltdown on the radio following the Colts now-infamous handling of the Week Sixteen game against the New York Jets in 2009, the Colts have blocked the call-in radio program named 'The Bill Polian Show' from Internet listeners. This show features Colts vice chairman Bill Polian, and it allows regular Colts fans to call-in and ask him questions which he, frequently, gets annoyed answering. It is the only Colts content that is not streamed live on the net. Thus, because Colts fans outside the Indianapolis area cannot listen in on the show, we provide highlights from the program, which often include Bill Polian saying things he later claims he did not say. However, since the Colts and Mr. Polian do not provide fans or media with recordings of the show, you'll just have to take our word that what we write below is indeed what Mr. Polian actually said. Hope you enjoy.

Last night was the first episode of the 2011 season's 'The Bill Polian Show,' and for the first time I used Twitter to update people live on what Bill Polian was chatting with Bob Lamey about following the Colts Week 1 embarrassment at the hands of the Texans. The decision to 'live tweet' the show was so well received that the Indianapolis Star, who was unable to get the show's feed on their Internet radio (because it's blocked), followed my updates all night.

In general, the topics of discussion were rather bland, but some interesting nuggets did come out of Polian's mouth, including the announcement that the time is now to search for Peyton Manning's replacement.

Here are the highlights from the show:

  • Bill said he heard from Peyton Manning two days ago, and that he is 'fine.' Also said Peyton will be back in weight room 'after some period of time.'
  • Bill laughed as he said it seemed he had to turn around every five minutes to stave off rumors regarding Peyton's health. One 'rumor' he specifically addressed was the notion that Peyton did not have a physical around the time he signed his contract. Polian said Peyton did have a physical before signing his contract, contradicting a report from PFT saying he did not. I've contacted Mike Florio and he said the report is fact, not rumor. So, either Bill lied on the radio last night, or Florio's source is incorrect.
  • Polian reiterated that there is no timeframe of Peyton's recovery. Colts plan to keep Peyton on the active roster as long as possible. Bill compared the Colts saving a roster spot for Manning similar to them saving spot for Bob Sanders last year. Peyton will not be allowed to practice until doctors give the OK.
  • Regarding Sunday's loss, Polian said 'similar defensive situation as last year.' Colts could not stop run. Game was 'ugly.' Lots of 'little things' went wrong, such as penalties and busted assignments on the offensive line.
  • Polian said Colts mistakes 'correctable.' Team must adjust tactically and schematically to Kerry Collins at QB over 18.
  • Said the Colts 'not consistent mentally or physically.'
  • When asked by a caller why the Colts cut Dan Orlovsky and kept Curtis Painter, Polian said he felt Painter played better in preseason than Dan Orlovsky. Polian cited Packers preseason game.
  • Polian said Kerry Collins throws harder ball than Peyton Manning. Also, during the game, the sack-fumble on Collins was a missed blocking assignment.
  • Lamey and Polian both highlighted that Collins' QB rating Sunday was better than Schaub's.
  • Polian on Collins: Tough player. 'Cool customer' in the pocket. Courageous. Collins has become much more of a complete QB since when Polian drafted him in 1995. Arm still as strong.
  • When asked by a caller about whether the Colts will address QB situation in the 2012 NFL Draft, Polian said he's out scouting all kinds of players every week. Said he spoke with Peyton when drafting the last contract and discussed the option of the team drafting a replacement. Polian liked several QBs in the 2011 Draft. None fell to Colts.
  • According to Polian, Peyton recognizes his career is in 'home stretch.' However, Peyton will come back and play. Colts expect Peyton next year. However, the time has come to give 'serious consideration' to QB position.
  • When asked about run defense, Polian said Colts must do better job stopping kind of running Houston does, aka cut blocking. The idea that 'anybody' can run on us is not factual, however, 'The idea that Houston can run on us is fact.'
  • Polian said Anthony Castonzo had a fine game. Jeff Linkenbach did as well. Colts running game looked good yesterday. He cited the team rushing average of 4.0 yards a carry. 'Running game improved.'
  • Polian addressed the 'sound byte' that the Colts are looking to get 'bigger' on the oline. Colts not trying to get bigger on oline. 'Trying to get better.' Polian said former-Colts and current Eagle o-line coach Howard Mudd would have liked Castonzo and Ben Ijalana. Colts do not want 335 pound olinemen like the 49ers.
  • When asked about why the team deactivated Jerry Hughes on Sunday, Polian said Hughes had 'a reasonably good preseason.' Said Hughes is principally a pass rusher, and Colts wanted to use more run-stuffing DEs on Sunday. Thus, Hughes deactivated.

If you listened to the show and noticed anything we missed, please add it in the comments below.