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Caleb Campbell's Facebook Page Says He Is Joining Colts

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Paul Kuharsky at ESPN just tweeted that, according to Caleb Campbell's Facebook update, he's signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

Folks might remember Campbell as the U.S. Army officer who was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 2008 only to be called back to duty by the army. Prior to the draft,  the army gave Campbell a 'service option' rule that allowed him and former-West Point teammate Owen Tolson, a punter, to enter the draft. Because Campbell was unable to sign his contract with the Lions, he became a free agent in 2009. He eventually signed with the Lions on their practice squad last year, and was promoted to their active roster in November 2010. He then became a free agent after the 2010 season.

Campbell had an impressive college career at Army, and played in the East-West Shrine game that year. It's unclear if Campbell was signed to the active roster or the Colts practice squad. The Colts reportedly cut WR Chris Brooks from the PS earlier today.