Could the Colts succeed in a 3-4 defensive look?

Clearly the defense cannot stop the run.  Theoretically, the 4-3 defense is supposed to improve run defense by filling gaps with down lineman and eliminating running space.  This does not work for the Colts because people like Fili Moala and Antonio Johnson lose their 1 on 1 matchup 75% of the time and get pushed back. Stampede Blue really needs to stop praising Johnson.  I can't remember the last play that guy made. Dont let your psychological biases control you. Just because he is the biggest fat ass on the team does not mean he is an effective space eater type player.  Anyways...... clearly, those against running a 3-4 would point out to me that doing this will eliminate the pass rush effectiveness of Freeney and Mathis.  Freeney gets double teamed anyway and he is good enough to find creative ways to get to the QB. 

  Freeney gets double teamed in the 4-3 look anyway is good enough to find creative ways to get to the QB. Filling out the 2 other down lineman positions would be Nevis (our new best DT) and a rotation of Moala/ Johnson.  Mathis would then become the Colts version of Mario Williams.  He and Kavell Conner (NOT GARY B.!) would be the 2 inside linebackers and Brackett and Angerer would be the OLBs.  Sick of Gary Brackett getting praise too.  The guy is OK in pass coverage but gets blocked way too easily and is a serious weakness against the run.  Mathis is athletic enough to help fill running gaps quickly as well as play the pass.  Mathis rushing up the middle would be interesting and Nevis will draw enough attention for Mathis to get through.  

Most importantly, switching to the 3-4 would force our defense to play more aggressive.  The corners would have to jam receivers and the linebackers would have to blitz. We could even get really crazy and blitz Bethea like the Steelers do with Troy.   I am tired of seeing the colts line up in their predictable 4-3 tampa 2 and get the ball shoved down their throats.  I don't give a damn about giving up "the big play".  In our defenses current state is it clear that the other team will have the ball inside our 30 at some point of in the drive anyway.  

And who knows maybe Jerry Hughes will find a contributing niche in the 3-4.  Haynesworth bitched about being in a 3-4 when he played for Washington, so maybe defensive alignment does somewhat does matter in player production. Maybe it is enough of a difference to squeeze some worth out of Hughes.  Although, I wouldn't count on it.  Looking back on film on him in college I still see nothing outstanding.  

Anyways.... What do yall think?

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