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Why the #SuckforLuck Sweepstakes Doesn't Make Sense For the Indianapolis Colts

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Quick note: This is my 100th post here for stampedeblue. It has been a pleasure writing for this blog and I very much appreciate all the comments. While the support is always nice, I value the critiques as well as they hopefully make me a stronger writer. Over the past year I have tried to provide different perspectives and writing styles to the other writers on the blog and I hope you have enjoyed some of my insights and the series I have run. I want to thank BBS for this great opportunity and hope to reach the next 100 milestone soon. Thank you for your support and keep the comments coming! Go Colts

From what I have seen from Andrew Luck, I love the senior quarterback from Stanford and think he is going to be a great player at the next level. That being said, he probably won't and shouldn't land in Indy.

Yes being from Indianapolis I know how important a good legendary quarterback is. But the timing with Luck's entry in the draft is a year or two off.

There is one caveat however. If Peyton's injury is more serious than we are being led to believe (and it very well could be), the forget this article. If Peyton's career is greatly hampered or he is forced to retire, don't listen to me! Mortgage the house, trade the next five first-round picks, trade every and any player.... Do WHATEVER it takes to get him!!!

Back to reality after the jump...

So assuming Peyton does indeed come back at least 80%+ the Colts should test their Luck by passing on him.

Given the growing popularity of the #suckforluck hoopla and the current uncertainty of Manning's health, opting not to take him may be a hard pill to swallow. But, as it stands now, here is why Andrew Luck doesn't fit into the Colts' plans.

Right now team officials and doctors are saying the time table for Manning's return is 2-6 months. Given the Colts history of incompetent medical diagnoses and a propensity to deceive the media when it comes to disclosing injuries, let's double the time table and say a year.

Even so, that means Manning is back for next season and has four years remaining on his contract. Knowing Peyton's principled nature to honor his commitments and going with the odds that if recovered from the neck he will play most - if not every game - the Colts still would have another four years with Peyton (hooray!!!).

And given that the Colts were a top 10 (probably top 5) team this year, barring major unforeseen moves, injuries, what have you, I think we are an absolute Super Bowl contender again next season (again with a 80%+ healthy Manning). 

It's not the Farve/Rodgers situation because the Packers weren't a super bowl team when they looked for Farve's replacement. The Colts would be. Remember, with Manning this year we are talking about a Super Bowl season.

But more importantly because while Luck looks like he will be a fantastic quarterback, I think the Colts would owe it to Manning not to waste such a high pick on his replacement if he is going to play. Especially since we would be right back to a top tier team but would still have critical holes to fill. If Manning comes back, nothing changes. We still have two years and need to provide him with as much help as possible. 

Dragging out another two seasons of contending for Super Bowls is well worth waiting to find another quarterback. 

So although Luck is indeed a special player and I would be thrilled if he were a Colt, I think the Colts try and fill their biggest need (such as offensive or defensive tackles, sigh) and wait another 2 years. I haven't kept up with college football so far this year, but in 2 years another great qb could come around when it would make more sense and when the window might be really closing for good. 

The problem is, we won't know about Manning (or at least the fans won't know) until later in the year. And unless we are dead-set on taking Luck no matter what, it's hard to justify throwing the year. Now maybe that's my competitive spirit, but I do think the Colts have a chance at sneaking into the playoffs once Kerry Collins settles in.