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Week 1 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 12:   I'm gonna throw it over there to score my 48th fantasy point of the night.  Colts fans may hate me, but my teams had a great record this week.
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 12: I'm gonna throw it over there to score my 48th fantasy point of the night. Colts fans may hate me, but my teams had a great record this week.

Welcome to your first update of the fantasy football season.  If you were around last year, you know we just did picks updates here on the site and didn't really touch fantasy football.  With so much interest this year (13 leagues), we have decided to combine the Picks update with a Fantasy Football update. 

You can check out each fantasy league by using where X is a number between 1 and 13.  Don't forget to submit your picks for Straight Up and Against the Spread contests.

Straight Up Picks First.  Congrats to Perfection and Lord Help Our Colts entries who tied with 12 correct Straight Up picks out of 16.  3 games this week had less than 10 readers (out of 60) get the game correct.  We here at Stampede Blue had little faith in the Bills, Bengals and Bears who all won.  As much as we claim to hate on the Patriots, 95% picked them to beat the Dolphins.

Against the Spread, we actually have two games Push this week (the problem with not making sure every spread has a half point in it) making the best possible score 14 instead of 16.  Lord Help Our Colts tied for the top again, this time with Thundering Horseshoes and hollars27.  Again, Stampede Blue loved the Patriots as 88% correctly predicted their cover against the Phins.  Cincinnati plus the points was the least selected entry as only 8 entries got that one right.

Fantasy News after the jump...

Since all Stampede Blue leagues have the same scoring setup, we can look across all leagues to see how everyone did.  Our stat guru, mgrex, is in all 13 Stampede Blue leagues.  He went 10-3 this week. 

Congrats to McAfee Swim Club in League 4 who had the high score of the week with a huge 203.05 point total.  This team has the deadly combo of Brady, Welker, and Hernandez (good luck when the Pats go on bye) and got a strong performance from Kenny Britt to push things over the top.

Speaking of Pats, Tom Brady had such a good week that of the 13 teams that had Tom on them, 12 of them won their games.  The only team to start Brady and lose was Win with Vince Young in League 2.  He got beat by darkness which featured Aaron Rodgers, Wes Welker and Brandon Marshall scoring over 20 points each.

This performance also led to the biggest blowout of the week with McAfee Swim Club winning by more than some teams scored this week, (203.05 - 96.05) 107 points.  Don't feel too bad for the guy on the other end of the beating.  It was Lord Help Our Colts who is tied for the lead in both pick 'em games.

The league with the closest games this week (all games closer than 27.15 points) was league 1.  The league with the most points scored overall this week was League 4 with 1548.45, but only by 12 points.  League 2 held down the bottom with just over 1400 total points scored.

there were two extremely close games this week.  In league 8, Lightbringer BsB (149.65) beat WIWTC (149.05) by just one half point.  Lightbringer was behind by 20.4 points going into Monday and had Brandon Marshall score 20.9 to get him the win.  If that wasn't close enough, let's look at league 3 where Redundant Oxymorons (128.95) took on Knockonwood (129.20).

 Each team had a low performer in Lance Kendricks (2.80) and LeGarrette Blount (1.50) that could have won them the game.  It all came down to defenses on Monday night.  New England had scored 6 points during the first game.  As of 4 minutes left in the game, Oakland's D had 4 points for points scored for a total of 23 points.  At 3:43 Denver scored a TD moving Oakland's D down to 20 points and giving the game to Knockonwood.  That's fantasy football for you!

Congrats to all winners and good luck this week!