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Here's Some Good News: Peyton Manning Was At Practice Today

After all the gloominess surrounding Sunday's loss to the Browns, Phil Wilson provides us with a bit of good news:

Peyton Manning sighting at practice today. #Colts QB was walking around the field while players started workout.

Manning walking at a brisk pace. #Colts QB seemed in good spirits. Teased TV cameramen about wanting a copy of footage for his scrapbook.

Football aside, I think everyone wants Peyton to heal up and get better so he can enjoy life. Thus, some happy news that he is walking around, smiling, joking with people is very welcome.

From a football standpoint, I hope he does not come back and play in 2011. This might just be me, but if Indy is 1-8 or 2-7 by the end of October, it's pointless to keep Peyton on the active roster. Should he come back and help the Colts win three or four games in December, it would take the Colts out of the Andrew Luck discussion.

Personally, I think some fans would resent Peyton for that, and they would CERTAINLY be pissed at management and the coaches.

If the team is bad, the Colts should play it out and take their lumps. tossing Peyton back into the mix when the season is obvious over accomplishes nothing. Heck, keeping him on the active roster right now also accomplishes nothing.