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2011 NFL Roster Cuts: Colts Reportedly Will Cut Ricardo Mathews, Donald Brown And Jerry Hughes On The Bubble

From 1070 The Fan's Jon Michael Vincent, via Twitter:

Heard fmr late rd pick Ricardo Mathews among the first to be cut. Am told that D Brown and J Hughes are BIG questions. FWIW #colts

In my most recent guess for the 53-man roster, I had Ricardo Mathews cut along with Jerry Hughes and Donald Brown. Cutting Mathews means little. He was OK in preseason, but I thought Drake Nevis and Ollie Ogbu outplayed him. Rico is a decent player though. I hope he sticks with another team.

The bigger story is Brown and Hughes essentially being on the bubble. If both those guys are cut, it will spark a firestorm of negativity towards Bill Polian. While I personally think that cutting Brown and Hughes are moves that improve the team, it will be impossible for Bill and his kids in the front office to escape criticism for selecting Hughes and Brown in the first round.