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Colts Hire Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel As Game Day Consultant

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It looks like there might be a run on sweatervests in the Indianapolis Metro area, as Indianapolis Star's Phil B. Wilson informs us that former Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel has been hired by the Colts as a game-day consultant:

#Colts have hired former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel as game-day consultant, coach Jim Caldwell said today. Tressel will be in booth, be replay consultant among other things.

I don't quite understand what he brings to the table, but if he helps the Colts challenge a play or two correctly this coming year because he sees something, it'll be a good hire. I doubt he will have too much interaction with the players, but (I believe) there is only one former Buckeye on the team right now, and he's hanging on by a thread.

Tressel resigned from his head coaching duties at Ohio State back at the end of May after it was determined that several of his players, including QB Terrell Pryor, had sold memorabilia and received free tattoos, and it was alleged Tressel knew all about it and did not inform anybody about it.