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Colts Roster Moves: Melvin Bullitt Is Hurt Again, Darren Evans To Practice Squad

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With the news yesterday that the Colts had signed safety Stevie Brown, the question that remained was, 'Who got cut to make room for Brown?' The answer was Darren Evans who, like Brown, is an Indiana native. However, fear not Evans fans. The former Warren Central High School product was signed today to the practice squad.

After all that was settled, the next logical query was, 'Why sign another safety?' Well, turns out Melvin Bullitt is hurt again.

One day after the Colts signed free-agent safety and former Columbus East High School star Stevie Brown, coach Jim Caldwell said the roster tweak was necessary due to a question about Bullitt.

"To be honest with you, Melvin has a bit of an issue that he’s dealing with that we’re just not quite certain where he is at this point," Caldwell said today. "That’s the reason Steve Brown is here."

The Colts aren't disclosing the injury, but I'm willing to bet money that it involves his shoulder. Bullitt, who has had chronic shoulder issues his whole career, had a metal pin inserted this offseason to correct the issue.

As we noted prior to the start of the season, safeties with metal pins in their shoulders do not inspire confidence in their durability. Still, the Colts re-signed him anyway after they failed to reel in Eric Weddle.

Last season, Bullitt was IRed because of a shoulder injury and we Colts fans were subjected to watching Aaron Francisco playing the safety position. Now, it looks like we get Stevie Brown.