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Luke Links: Yeah, BBS Finally Got Around To Making A Links Article

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It's been months since we did a link article. I've already tweeted apologies to sites like Coltzilla and Coltsider for being lax in doing this, but with all the news regarding Peyton Manning's neck, the start of the season, and everything else, we just never got around to doing any link articles.

For you new readers out there, the format we use here was set-up by Laura Callaway, who is now a writer at Coltzilla. 'From The Saddle' links are stories directly from the team, including tweets from Jim Irsay and players. 'Green Apples And Road Apples' are articles written about the Colts by the media, blogs and established media alike. 'Horse Apples' is anything from the SB Nation network, which is not to imply that SB Nation's work is petrified sh*t. I just like the name 'Horse Apples.'

Hope you find these posts helpful when looking for Colts news. We try to post them every Monday and Thursday.

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)

  • Jim Irsay tweeted the Wednesday injury report.
  • has an article up preaching a Stay The Course mentality.
  • It took two days, but finally posted Part Two of The Polian Corner, which is, in some cases, a full write-up of Bill Polian's radio show. In this case, the text written does not match what was actually said on the show (which is probably why it took them two days to post it).


HORSE APPLES (stuff from around SB Nation)