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Apparently, Justin Tryon Is A 'Forgotten Man' In The Colts Defense UPDATE

Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star got a bit on an interesting answer from Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer regarding the overall status of corner Justin Tryon.

I asked #Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer, "Where's Justin Tryon?" The inference is he's a forgotten man. Coyer told me to ask HC.

For those of you who can't follow along, 'HC' means 'head coach.' Basically, Coyer didn't have an answer for Wilson. The only person who can give him one is Jim Caldwell.

UPDATE: Here's the quote from Coyer:

Where’s CB Justin Tryon right now? I’m convinced this guy is in the dog house for some unexplained reason.

“You know what, any of that stuff you have to ask Jim (Caldwell), to be honest with you,” Coyer said. “I like him a lot. He’s competitive. But where that is, it’s with our head coach.”

So, yeah. Coyer likes him. Caldwell doesn't.

We wrote an article earlier today that was critical of the reported decision to potentially start second year corner Terrence Johnson over Jacob Lacey, especially with Tryon on the roster.

Wilson went on to tweet these nuggets:

Coyer was being evasive in asking me to talk to Jim Caldwell about Tryon.

Tryon thinks he's in dog house. Don't understand. Guess Colts want to use younger guys

Um, okay. So, basically instead of playing a proven corner with starting experience (Tryon) against a team that is really good at throwing the ball (Pittsburgh), Caldwell wants to play either Jacob Lacey (who stinks) or Terrence Johnson (never started a game).


The whole 'coach's doghouse' thing just seems dumb to me. Justin Tryon is a better corner than Jacob Lacey and Terrence Johnson. He might even be better than Jerraud Powers. It's obvious he should be on the field more, and if the coach doesn't want to put his best players on the field, then the natural follow-up question is, 'Why is this guy the coach?'

It's one thing for someone like me to give up on the season, but it's another for the coach to effectively say that he more interested in looking at younger guys over winning the friggin game. Again, Tryon has starting experience and he is good cover corner. Makes no sense to sit him, and it's apparently a move that is not too popular around the complex.

Makes you wonder if Caldwell is still popular either. Certainly, he doesn't seem to be on Justin Tryon's Christmas card list.